Taylor's Gift

Modern Makers is pleased to introduce Taylor’s Gift, our newest Safe Social Playground collaboration with Santa Barbara Cottage Children’s Medical Center. Inspired by the personal experiences of the creator of FMM, Debbie and her daughter Taylor and their frequent childhood visits to the hospital to treat cerebral palsy. The Taylor’s Gift outreach project was designed to minimize the fear and create new friendships during any pediatric hospitalization.


Since 2016 we have provide over 200+ crafts to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.


Taylor’s Gift brings the tried-and-true simplicity and comfort of the age-old crafting circle to the hospital community. Whether explored individually, with siblings, parents, roommates or floormates, Taylor’s Gift hopes to offer a little piece of pleasure to patients and families as they brave the physical and emotional challenges of pediatric hospitalization.

Modern Makers has become one of the most popular outside programs we’ve done, as it engages all ages and encourages each child’s creative outlet in whatever form they are capable of doing.

I so look forward to each week as the patients and families have an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of art, whether in the playroom or at bedside. Modern Makers will always be welcome!”
— Jaynie R. Woods MS, Child Life Specialist Cottage Children’s Medical Center