A Birthday Party at Modern Makers is Bright, Clean, Easy, Fun, and Affordable. Reserve the date online for your convenience. Bring the party and We'll do the rest.

Birthday Time Slots: 


1:00pm - 3:00pm


Your Party Package

Parties are held for 2 hours, for up to 15 crafters. Contact your local For Modern Makers BELOW for more information.

• Party charge per crafter + Chosen Craft

• Party Space for 15 guests

• Choice of Party Craft

• Personal Party Attendant

• Present & cake table


Party FAQs

+ Do I need to bring ANYTHING?

We encourge you to bring cupcakes & light snacks and waters. We do not allow any eletrical servers or provide plates, napkins, cups or drinks.

+ How many party guests can come?

A max of 15 crafters can sit at the craft table during a party.

+ What AGES ARE Recommened?

Craft Parties for ages 5+.

+ How long does the craft take?

Our party crafts typically take 30 - 90 minutes depending on your craft. Recommended ages 5+

+ What is the craft price range?

$15 - $25 - depending on your craft choice.

+ What crafts are offered?

We offer any in-store craft on our in-store menu. * Subject to supply availability.

+ What is a party charge?

The charge per crafter is $10 and includes: Personal Party Attendant, Designated Party Area, Covered Table for Cake, Snacks, and Presents. Party charge does NOT include, drinks, plates, utensils or Craft(s).

+ Is there a deposit needed?

Yes, we required the payment of the party charge ($10 per crafter). A 3 day notice is required for a full refund of Party Charge. If not, a 50% refund will be credited.

+ How do I confirm my party details?

Your party attendant will contact you approximately one week prior to your party to finalize the details. We prefer to communicate with you via e-mail whenever possible – it saves on the phone tag!

Please provide your e-mail address when making your reservation. If you do not have e-mail, please provide us with the best number(s) to reach you in the late afternoon and early evening.

Party Policy

• ONLY Decorations allowed: Balloons and birthday banners.


• Party Space for 15 crafters - 15 is the maximum allow to sit at the crafting table.

• Personal Party Attendant  sets up, facilitates the craft, and cleans up the craft. Does not serve the cake or snacks/water.

• Our attendants do not work on the crafts, take children to the bathroom, or serve the food.

• Additional chairs are available for adults.

• Crafter must be supervised by an adult at all times. 

• We provide one additional table for cake and presents and light snacks.

• Please no electrical food serving appliance (crock-pot, chafing dish, coffee pot, etc.)