100% Wool Felt Rainbow Package

100% Wool Felt Rainbow Package


Our 1mm 100 % Merino Wool Felt is manufactured from the highest quality wool in Europe. Thus our felt is extremely soft and durable. It cuts smoothly and does not fray at the edges. It is pill, fuzz, and stretch resistant, and is evenly dense throughout. Our felt is perfect for the hobbyist as well as designers alike. Most importantly our 100% wool is non-toxic and ecologically friendly. It is completely biodegradable, non-flammable, and safe for everyone.You will be very happy with the quality of your project after putting all of your time and love into it!

Rainbow Package Includes:

76. Ivory
6. Neon Pink
8. Hot Pink
9. Shocking Pink
35. Lightening Yellow
73. Brown
42. Celeste
43. Robins Egg
44. Aquamarine
53. Spring leaf
17. Violet

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